New Home Sales Management, training, and consultation

Over a quarter of a century of success in all market conditions

Market Analysis and Predictions

Beginning as early as the initial offer on vacant land, and extending through the new home sales cycle, continued market analysis that enables educated predictions is an invaluable tool for you and one of the services I offer as your new home listing agent and sales manager.

Feasibility Study Assistance

Questions about floor plan trends? What an additional garage bay is worth in a given market versus an additional bedroom? Any time you have questions about new home finish trends, what your competitors are building and including, and where they are hiding their savings on finish level, I’m available to assist you!

Clock Hour Classes and Agent Sales Training

I am licensed by the State of Washington to instruct Real Estate Agent Clock Hour Courses, including ones designed by me for specialized new home sales training. My expertise extends beyond training site agents; I also enhance your visibility by inviting cooperating brokers to attend complimentary clock hour courses at the model home, thereby expanding your reach.

Innovative, Research-backed Strategies for Marketing, Sales, and Negotiations

With a proven track record of success and a passion for guerilla-style marketing, I enjoy finding strategies for all aspects of the sales cycle that ethically save my clients money while producing positive results.

Laura Gumnick – Broker, NAHB CSP, CMP, MIRM, and MA in Education Seattle University

passion &  award-winning experience

With years of real-world new home sales experience and as a bearer of the rare Master In Residential Marketing designation from NAHB, I look forward to partnering in your company’s success.

How and when do I get paid? Not until you do. I function as the listing broker, or clients pay me a per door fee for consultation.

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